Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Real Deal

It's pretty cool how much traffic the blog has gotten the past few days. I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't point you toward some real top notch "cycling p0rn," though.

I can start off by still keeping it local to the San Diego scene, but with perhaps some of the best bike photos you will find anywhere: Velo Cult Bike Shop. Their blog is tops, but you'll want to check out the online "museum." Better yet, drop by their shop in person. If that's not enough for you, take home the first volume Velo Cult Book. 79 pages chock full of the best images from resident photog Anthony Bareno.

By the by, owner Sky Boyer and his crew at VeloCult are also behind, a great forum for local bikey people, and the Bike Commuter Discount program - another Best of San Diego highlight.

Another great cycling destination on the Interwebs is EcoVelo. This another great site for bike photos and the focus is on transportational cycling. As with VeloCult, you're going to mostly see steel bikes. While VC skews on the vintage side, the EcoVelo husband & wife duo, Alan & Michael, can usually be found testing late model commuter bikes and gear. There is also a large Flickr stream and a somewhat new Bicycle Commuter Profile section where people submit photos of their own rides. The site is updated almost everyday, it seems, so the content is always fresh.

My last recommendation for today is BikeHugger. This site has a staff of bloggers, lead by head Hugger DL Byron, covering the gamut of the bicycle scene from racing to commuting and more. They cover all the major industry events and product launches, so you'll find the best of what's new in bikes. New content is appearing all the time, and you'll also want to follow along on Flickr and Twitter.

I'll have some more links as the week continues, but I'll leave you with today's photo. I actually haven't biked to work much lately. I took this a little while back. Here's a tip: it's not the greatest idea to take photos from your bike using an iPhone. Especially self-portraits like this. I'm lucky I haven't dropped my iPhone. Yet.

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  1. Great post with awesome links! You are definitely motivating me to keep it up on my blog!