Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grocery run

Tonight I made a grocery run on my bike. I've picked up smaller items with a messenger bag before and also picked up takeout when I had the milk crate on my rack. With my new panniers I figured I could get two grocery bags worth no problem. The panniers are a bit tapered at the bottom, so I anticipated that I might have some issues fitting the grocery bags directly.

My list was fairly short but I was getting some bulky items including milk and cereal. I did my shopping and went through the self checkout so I could bag my own groceries in an attempt to get everything to fit without having to repack once I got to my bike. Milk and the cereal box turned out to be a tight fit. I had to strap the cereal on top of my rack otherwise I got both bags inside the panniers.

Here's the packed bike after getting home.

Here's the spread: milk, Lucky Charms, Eggo waffles, box of mini donuts, 5 chocolate milk boxes, apples, and Clementine oranges.