Saturday, June 26, 2010

More on Kearny Villa bike lane

For anyone interested, I've got some tidbits to share about the Kearny Villa Rd bike lane repaving...

I was back on schedule with the bike commute this past Wednesday. It was my first day riding on the newly paved bike lane. What a difference!

The repaving begins south of Miramar Rd, right where Kearny Villa Rd starts to straighten out. The southbound side from here to Miramar Way was by far the stretch in the worst condition. At the time it looked like they had just begun to mark the lane for re-striping (or maybe painting the full lane?). On Friday I drove up & down and noticed they had marked all the southbound side and I saw a crew out in the process of marking the northbound side.

Ahh, fresh asphalt!

The bike lane was repaved all the way down to Harris Plant Rd on both the southbound and northbound sides of Kearny Villa Road. It was nice to see that the City did a complete job and didn't just half-ass only repave the really bad portions of the bike lane, as was the consensus opinion after the City did the initial patching to the cracks north of Miramar Way earlier this year.

One more interesting note is that they actually repaved the southbound side all the way through to the SR-163 entrance/Harris Plant Rd merge. For those not familiar, this is not currently the official bike lane, though I believe it was in the past. The current bike lane takes you up the Harris Plant Rd exit and back down to re-merge back to Kearny Villa Rd. I actually find this to be more dangerous, so I just take the straight ahead route, which is why I was pleased to find that section repaved, too. However when I drove by, that section was not marked for striping/painting. Oh, well.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bike Lane Repaved!

I was out of town this week on vacation and thus missed my bike commute. I did ride last week and there was no indication at the time of the work that would come to pass, though the City had stated previously that the bike lane on Kearny Villa Road was to be repaved in June. I was pleased to see this post in Bike San Diego about the freshly repaved bike lane. From the looks of things, it appears that they still need to go back and re-stripe the lane. There was some mention in the past on the SDBikeCommuter forum of the possibility that the new bike lane would get painted, too. I guess time will tell if that indeed will become a reality, but I am eager to get back on Kearny Villa to check out the bike lane for myself.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stop and Smell the Flowers

This is what I should have done today. Or at the very least, stopped to take a picture.

I was riding on my way home this Wednesday afternoon and glanced to the side of the road expecting to see the dry brush that is typical of this area I ride through or just some weeds. Instead I was greeted with some bright mats of color: yellow, purple, red. I noticed what appeared to be some smaller variety of sunflower that seemed oddly out of place (small in flower diameter, that is, though the stalks were tall). I thought about stopping and turning back to get a picture with my iPhone, but kept going. The further I got the more I lamented not stopping. I sought out more of the sunflower-y plants I saw, but there were no more to be seen.

Hopefully the flowers will still be there the next time I ride by that spot, and then I will stop and take a couple snaps.