Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random observations from the bike commute

I had originally planned to just post some random observations from today's bike commute. Here they are.
  • I had to maneuver around two vehicles parked/stopped in the bike lane. One going downhill. Not cool.
  • I saw a dead possum roadkill. Oh, I smelled it, too. Yuck.
  • I saw a lady with a scarf on a scooter. She did not look this cute.

  • I saw an old Toyota Corolla GT-S. Hachi Roku!

  • I tried to ring my bell at another cyclist across the median on the opposite side of the road. He didn't hear me.
  • I saw a VHS cassette tape case on the ground.

  • I noticed the City painted more bike lane icon symbols in place of the "bike lane" wording, though it wasn't the white symbol on green box, just white on the asphalt.

  • I saw two cyclists who had pulled over to change a flat. The first guy was riding with a buddy, so I didn't stop. The second guy I asked if he needed help but he had already started pulling his tube out and said he was OK.
  • I'm thinking about posting about people I regularly see on the commute and giving them funny nicknames. I'll save that for later...must figure out a way to get photos...

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