Friday, August 27, 2010

More bike lanes!

So I was driving around today and noticed these dashed white lines on the side of Ruffin Road in Kearny Mesa (Sorry, no pics!). It didn't take me long to figure that Ruffin Road (between Kearny Villa Rd & Aero Drive) is being prepared for new bike lanes.

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Preliminary bike lane striping is down and I noticed in some areas around Balboa Ave that the motor vehicle lanes are being re-aligned slightly. From how it looks, my guess is that some street parking on Ruffin Rd is being removed. I'm sure those people will be pissed off, but it's great to see that the City is implementing more bike facilities.

You can see more about this project in the City of San Diego Bike Master Plan. This improvement is listed as Project 23 (page 123) in the document.

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