Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New (green) bike lane symbol

Looks like the City just painted these on the new bike lane pavement.

They had previously marked the lanes "bike symbol green" so I was wondering exactly what it would be. Curiously in places that were previously marked "bike legend" they put down the same markings in white paint on the bare pavement. I was expecting to see the words "BIKE LANE."

I wonder if the green is going to be a new standard?


  1. I like it. It makes it stand out quite a bit. However, I haven't seen any on my commute. Where have you seen them?

  2. It's on Kearny Villa Rd south of Miramar Rd. They just repaved the bike lane so they needed new markings. My guess is the City will only paint these on new bike lanes or newly resurfaced ones.

    Also it's worth noting that they used that particular bike symbol in place of the old one with the person on a bike with a bowl on their head.